OUR STORY – First Investment Partners was formed to help match prospective investors to exciting new investment opportunities. Prior to the passing of the new state legislation we had spent many decades as both investors and operators within start ups and rapid growth business opportunities. Our seasoned team, with their outstanding track record of success in building and delivering value to accredited investors, had always felt that the rules were a bit unfair – smaller or newer investors were not given the same opportunities as larger, accredited investors.

MISSION – First Investment Partners helps all investors, regardless of their experience or size of investment, source and invest in dynamic new businesses . Additionally, we help new businesses seeking investments find investors using our investment crowdfunding portal.

MANAGEMENT – Sam Ashkar, a lifelong Minnesota resident and graduate of the University of St. Thomas, considers himself as a “broker” from a variety of perspectives. He spent the first part of his career as a real estate broker (working the local market for over 20 years). He expanded the skillset he mastered handling successful real estate transactions and bringing two parties together for their mutual benefit, into the broader arena of financial, strategic, supplier and a variety of other types of business relationships to help provide companies the resources they needed to fuel rapid growth. He has personally launched and helped launch numerous successful businesses. Mr. Ashkar has also been extremely active in a number of community based initiatives. His commitment to the First Investment Partners portal is an extension of this outreach into the local business community.

This website, and the statements made herein, are for informational purposes only and are not an offer to enter into an agreement or an offer of any kind.  This investment opportunity is being made under, and in reliance on, Minnesota Statute 80A.461, MNVEST REGISTRATION EXEMPTION. The securities regulator in Minnesota is the Department of Commerce. All investors must be Minnesota residents.

©2017 First Investment Partners   All Rights Reserved All investments involve risk. It is your responsibility as an investor to assess the opportunity and determine if you want to invest based upon the merit of the opportunity, your ability to invest, and the opportunity's fit within your investment goals.The information provided above is offered in good faith and is generic in nature. The answers to many of the questions could change substantially depending on the specific investment you are making, your own personal experience, and your investment goals. Be sure to perform your own due diligence, and seek the advice of professionals when needed, to make an educated decision. First Investment Partners is in no way liable for the accuracy of any of the information presented by each individual company. While we do our best to bring you only high-quality investment opportunities, featuring a company on this portal does not constitute an endorsement or warranty of any kind by First Investment Partners. The final decision and 100% of the accountability lies with you, the investor, when it comes to making all investment decisions.